I have been treated over a number of years by Dr. Awad as well as at a previous location. I’ve had acupuncture for several different problems, ranging from various types of pain to nausea, with amazingly successful results. I have complete confidence in her knowledge and skill in these acupuncture treatments, and appreciate that Dr. Awad is a Medical Family Practitioner, as well as providing Medical Acupuncture. It is important to me to achieve relief of pain and other symptoms without relying on pain relievers and medications whenever possible.

K. H.

After the acupuncture treatments I have pain relief in my back, hands and feet. I also have more energy. Dr. Awad will help to stretch out treatments after a baseline so you don’t have to go every week or every month.

B. R.

I have received acupuncture from Dr. Heather Awad since 2013. I had developed a toe and foot problem that will eventually require surgery. Because I needed major back surgery in 2013 and neck surgery in 2014 and 2015, it was necessary for me to delay the foot surgery. Acupuncture has given the necessary relief to allow this delay. Dr. Awad is very patient and very thorough in explaining her procedures. She is very pleasant and professional at the same time. I have always felt she cared about both me and my condition. I have confidence in the treatments Dr. Awad suggests.